Characteristics of a Biblical Church


Finding a church can be a difficult thing. If we understand what God calls a church it will eliminate many of the establishments that call themselves a church.

God gives us eight basic characteristics of what a church should be.

1. Biblical Authority –  It should have God’s Word as its authority.

There are so many “bibles” out there but only one is God’s Word to the English-speaking people. This is the Authorized King James Bible.

2. Autonomy- A church should be independent from any other church or organization

A church is not to be funded by an organization. It should not have a headquarters anywhere but Heaven. It is to be a freestanding body of people in a certain community.

3. Priesthood of individual believerchurch1

The members of that church can pray, read the Bible, and worship God without the need of another person (Eg. Priest)

4. Two ordinances

 The church has two spiritual events, given by God, The Lord’s Supper (“not communion”) and Baptism (only by entire body).

5. Individual Soul liberty

A church and its members are answerable to follow the Bible only. There can be no other “rules” made up by organizations or “leaders.”

6. Salvation

A church’s members are “saved” people only. Salvation is given by God for free by trusting in that Jesus paid for my sins. Salvation is a gift forever and cannot be lost.

7. Two Offices

A church has only two offices. The pastor is to lead the people while he is following the Bible. Deacon/s help the pastor with tasks so that the pastor can do the work of God.

8. Separation of State from Church

 A church is not to be governed by the government of that country. All of the churches rules are to come from the Bible.


These are the basics of what to look for in a church. You can use this as a checklist with any church.